Halong Bay Day Trip, vietnam
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Halong Bay Day Trip – Solitude Surrounded By Emerald Blue Green Waters

Halong Bay day trip from Hanoi was the best call I made.  I visited UNESCO World Heritage Site in Hạ Long Bay, in North Vietnam. Located in Quảng Ninh Province we travelled east to soak in the colours of the bright green sea. The rainforests around forming mystical hues and all of my favourite tones of the blue.  Must confess I witnessed the best views on this one lazy afternoon.

Halong Bay Day Trip, vietnam

Round trip from Hanoi to Halong Bay, A day trip

It is easy if one book through the travel desk in your hotel stay. There is a reminder call and the added responsibility of ensuring the trip goes well. I took advantage of the available facility. Visiting UNESCO recognised world heritage site was a dream come true. On a day trip, I could easily tick it off my bucket list. The mini-bus arrived on schedule to take us to Dan Huang. From there we were offloaded and had to wait in the ferry terminal. Later we were escorted to the jetty and our gentle cruise began.

Halong Bay Day Trip Activities

Our full-day tour, round-trip from Hanoi, included a slow cruise along the calm blue waters. Post lunch aboard the Ship we were taken to a secluded area for kayaking. What was served for lunch is absolutely indescribably difficult. Well, the setting was marvellously rare, the towering limestone karsts as we were drifting along the heritage-listed waters of Halong Bay. After a lovely time kayaking we took some memorable images of the locals there and moved towards the famous caves. Yet another feature that cannot be missed. We dropped anchor to explore the Thien Cung Cave. The guide disappeared so I almost lost my way after the initial space. I did not have the will to go explore beyond the area.  

A must-visit if you were in Hanoi and around, skip the cafes if you want to see natural sights like me. The caption holds good for anyone who loves the deep sea and being surrounded by Emerald Blue Green Waters

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