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London Calling: History and Music Halls Uncovered

London Calling happened when I least expected it. A dream destination and the journey to visit the queen was quite a thrill. My passport arrived on the 21st and I had to leave by the next day. I was hoping and wishing to make it to the concert at the Royal Albert Hall. An invitation to the event was sent earlier that month. For the first time, I approached an agent for helping me with the visa formalities. Even though my city has a VFS facility, the passport goes to the consulate in Chennai. It is then returned to the holders’ address.

London Calling On the 20th evening, I was in the movie hall . I received a message saying ‘passport dispatched’. For some reason, my confidence was high. it felt that it would be positive with a visa issued. In fact, I messaged the travel agent to make my ticket and accommodation bookings.

London Calling and Booking Flight Tickets 

His staff and he were surprised that I was so positive and optimistic. They even asked me what made me so sure of the outcome. I said the gut instinct is strong and the belief even more. I even called the courier office and tracked the parcel. It was close to midday when it arrived and yes the visa stamp on the passport read valid through six months. But then, if i were to visit it had to be the following morning. With the five and half hours Gain, I could still make it and arrive in London, well on time.

London calling - ROYAL ALBERT HALL

London Calling on British Airways

Like luck would have it, the tickets were available on British Airways. The flight was leaving from my home city, Hyderabad at about 0700 hrs. One can imagine how little time was available before the flight take off. I rose to the challenge and was at the airport on time feeling fresh and energised. Definitely, London was calling, and how!

Things to do in London 

London Calling -Buckingham Palace

Apart from visiting the queen’s palace, lawns and watching the change of guard ceremony. I did the next best thing. Go over to Covent Garden to watch musicals and plays.

The London Underground is an amazing network.  which is over one hundred and fifty years old. The amazing connectivity it provides to the commuters is outstanding.  I was fascinated by the entry and exit facades of the station buildings too. 

the underground, london

Famous buildings in London

The Shard, tallest building in london

Change of Guard Ceremony in London

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