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Travelling to Macau: What its really like

Travelling to Macau

Travelling to Macau was part of my trip to Downunder. It also meant that I would include a few countries in East Asia. As widely discussed among luxury travellers, I made the journey to Macau from Taipei, Taiwan discovering giant casinos and glittering hotels on the Cotai Strip. Macau.

Travelling in Macau

Macau is an autonomous region on the south coast of China. Situated across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong.

Portuguese Influence 

Walking in the old part of the city did not escape my eyes, the areas which still retain the Portuguese influence. I was glad to experience a part of history. Apart from that area, there was little else for me to do in Macao. Getting into shopping mode in the huge malls in Macao is but inevitable. 

Travelling to Macau – Tourists  Paradise

It is definitely a luxury tourist's paradise for there is every branded item available of international repute.

Casino table in Macao

Casino and The Cotai Strip, Macau

But before that, every visitor gets a free tour of the casinos. For people like me who has no idea of how it is played.  Lack of interest I do not have any recommendations either. I could only see the gambling zones spread over huge halls on multiple floors everywhere .

The Venetian macau

At the alighting point, we were ushered into this brightly lit grand lobby. Finding myself in a world of a different kind. It is hard for any traveller not to be enamoured by the gloss around. The scale is immensely huge and the detailing is impressively loud and expensive.

People from neighbouring Hong Kong, China reach here during the weekends. Of course, there are a substantial number of international travellers including many group tour members from India too.

the venetian hotel, macau

Travelling to Macau – The Venetian

I reached The Venetian, a free mini guided tour arranged by the hotel travel desk at Mainland Macau. It is huge and beautiful, squeaky clean, shining and neat. While I was walking around window shopping and checking out the menu, the list showed a stadium, amphitheatre among the facilities in this Hotel cum Shopping Complex.

I was pleasantly surprised to see among the entertainment list, that BSB (Back Street Boys) was performing the same weekend. I quickly researched about it in the information kiosk provided and made note of the ticket prices. It was so close and an opportunity to not let it pass since I loved their music.

I made the booking for the Backstreet Boys Concert and extended my stay. Informed the hotel desk and what happened at the event and after is for another blog article.

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