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Top Sights To See In Marvellous Mysuru

Top 7 sights to see in Marvellous Mysuru which can be covered in a day 

top sights in mysuru

The following top 7  sights with images show reasons why Mysuru is @travelkarmas favourite city.
Have you been to Mysuru? Or is it on your bucket list?

Amba Vilas

One of the top 7 sights to see is the Mysore Palace- The Glory of Mysore.
The abode of the royal family of Wadiyars/Wodeyars was rebuilt and completed in 1912.
Wodeyars is the only royal family in India that has ruled over a kingdom for more than 500 years.
The architect of the famed heritage was Henry Irwin who primarily covered the palace with expansive arches. The elegant pillar design gives the illusion of infinite rows in the hall, which get reflected onto the floor.

Wodeyar Dynasty

In the news recently when the present heir the 27th and titular Maharaja of Mysore Yaduveer and his wife princess Trishika had named their newly born son Adyaveer Narasimha Wodeyar, the 28th heir of the Royal Wodeyar family.

mysuru palace - top sights in mysuru

List of Top 7 sights to see in Marvellous Mysuru.

1. Darbar Hall, Mysuru Palace

Fine stucco ceilings, granite pillars adorn this Indo Saracenic style Durbar Hall in the Mysuru Palace. Commissioned by the Wodeyar's.
It is interesting to see the interiors of this Hall, which is in over a century-old palace, neat and amazing. The department insists that visitors leave the footwear outside the entrance to the main building while arrangements have been made to deposit the same close to the baggage screening centre. The best part; photography is allowed here but not footwear. 
I guess it has paid off. The floor design is a sight to behold and definitely, most of it looks as good as new.

top sight in mysuru

2. Mysuru Palace- Kalyan Mantap, Top Sights in Mysuru

One of the most famous tourist attractions in India (after the Taj Mahal) is located in one of the cleanest cities in the country, Mysuru.
The best time to visit is from September to February. Mysuru enjoys a fairly pleasant climate, especially during winter. The buggy ride and the palace lighting in the night can also be enjoyed even after closing hours.
Seen here is the corridor alongside ’Kalyan Mantap’.
This Indo Saracenic style design is definitely a showstopper.
I would say the most Instagrammable palace in India, would you not agree dear reader/follower?

chamundeshwari temple - top sight in mysuru

3. Shri Chamundeshwari Temple. A top sight in Mysuru during Dasara

The Chamundeshwari Temple – A temple of great antiquity with over 1,000 years of background, is a Hindu temple located on the top of Chamundi Hills, +3,489 feet MSL, about 13 km from the palace city of Mysore in the state of Karnataka in India. The temple was named after Chamundeshwari or Durga, the fierce form of Shakti, a tutelary deity held in reverence for centuries by Mysore Maharajas.

The crowning glory of Mysuru, Sri Chamundeshwari Temples is an enchanting place surrounded by natural beauty. In the forest, there are varieties of trees, birds and animals. While going up the hills, a panoramic view of Mysuru can be seen and several prominent places are visible. During twilight, the sunset views and the palace illumination offer spectacular scenes making the trek so worthwhile.

Some of the places that can be spotted from the hills are the Palace, Lalitha Mahal Palace, which houses the ITDC hotel, Dasara Exhibition grounds, Race Course, Kukkarahalli Lake, St. Philomena’s Church.

A sharp-eyed person can even spot the far off Krishnasagar dam and the musically lit fountains at the Brindavan Gardens.

top sight in mysuru

4. Light & Sound Show – Mysuru Palace

Mysuru Palace by day is one of the most well-kept places to visit. The exotic Interiors delight every tourist that throng here. The most popular place among tourist attractions in India after the Tajmahal in Agra.

The Palace Illumination in the evening is a sight to behold. Light and Sound Show is an added attraction for the tourists alike, which comes alive late evening.

visit mysuru

5. St. Philomena's Cathedral

One of the tallest cathedrals in India is the St Philomena's Church, Mysuru. 


St Philomena is a Latin Catholic Saint and martyr of the Roman Catholic Church. The second tallest Church in Asia was designed by a Frenchman named Daly. It was designed to be built in the Neo-Gothic style with inspiration drawn from the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. The then Maharaja of Mysore, Krishnaraja Wodeyar laid the foundation stone.


I slowly moved to the corner of the street to capture both sides of the building in one frame. What filled my perspective view tells the story of life in everyday India. People from all walks of life comfortably going about their daily routine. Interestingly, This church which is located quite close to the heart of the city has this address Ashoka road, Lourdes Nagar, Lashkar Mohalla on Google map. It can't get better than this, right?

6. Chamundi Hill Trek

Chamundi Hill Trek- People of all ages can climb 1000 odd steps and reach the Hill Top at their own pace. The nature walk, the hike is rated as moderate. It is rather a steep climb until you reach the cave and the sculpture of Nandi located closer to the temple on top of Chamundi Hill. The Hill is visible from afar and is more like a landmark in Mysuru

cleanest city in India

7. Bus Ride In The Cleanest City In India. Top sights In Mysuru                                                                       

Mysuru is the Cleanest city in India. This City was ranked top cleanest city for two consecutive years till 2016. Although it lost the top spot to Indore, it still is visibly clean and the methods adopted by the city municipal administration is commendable. The local people have contributed a lot in keeping their surroundings neat while also maintaining the city sobriquet as the 'cultural capital of Karnataka'.

My Suggestions To Explore Top Sights In Mysuru

Travelkarmas suggests a bus ride through the city which gives the visitor a chance to see the old parts of the city and the modern, well-planned layouts of this medium-sized city in South India.

Mysuru: +740m Altitude enjoys a fairly pleasant climate.
Best time to visit: October to February.
Connected by National Highways, South Western Railway line and Domestic Airport. @officialairindiaexpress @flytrujet

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