Hong Kong Victoria Harbour
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Vibrant Tsim Sha Tsui overwhelms visitors to Hong Kong

Vibrant Tsim Sha Tsui overwhelms visitors to Hong Kong. Arriving in Hong Kong from Macau by ferry and reaching the central station to take the subway to Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong was a wise decision. Based on reading about things to do and places to stay and visit, I narrowed it down to Nathan Street. Here I was amongst so many people, several of them conversing in Hindi, Tamil and even though I had heard Telugu being spoken by the street hawkers/vendors. I was pleasantly surprised that it felt like Mumbai and had to really pinch myself to believe I arrived in Hong Kong. The city boasts of a culture where East meets West.

Vibrant Tsim Sha Tsui

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I was warmly greeted by the staff at the hotel desk and was quickly checked in. I was feeling exhausted all night long at the Club Cubic at The Venetian at Macau earlier that day. But I like to stick to the itinerary even if it's flexible and tentative since it gives me the discipline and choice of seeing what I had previously written down.

Things to see in Vibrant Tsim Sha Tsui

The Promenade outside the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. The best part of staying in Tsim Sha Tsui is the vicinity to the best cultural spots – old and new.

Victoria Harbour view

Everything that a tourist wishes to sight and see is within walking distance. The neighbourhood is vibrant and surprises you with an eclectic mix of shopping malls and local shops. One can also find a heritage piece of structure amidst a modern luxury hotel.

International Commerce Centre , Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour

Walking to the shore gave me a chance to see the vibrant and busy Victoria Harbour that is world-famous for the quantity of business trade that passes through the Hong Kong port. That I could see the container ships sail in and dock while sipping tea at the terminal building which holds a commercial complex too.

Gazing at the skyline and looking at the various hues and shades of blue, the sea-green waves hitting the harbour line railing, with people being ferried to the other side of the shore and beyond is an experience that is fulfilling.

On another day, explored the Hong Kong high rise by visiting the International Commerce Centre alongside the Kowloon Subway. The connectivity and design are brilliant. This building apart from the offices has a commercial building which has the best international quality brands inside it and not to miss the gigantic escalators leading to The Ritz- Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong. The Ozone Bar on the rooftop is one of the world's highest rooftop bars.

Vibrant Tsim Sha Tsui

Hong Kong Disneyland

The highlight of my stay in Hong Kong was a day visit to my favourite theme park – Disneyland. The hotel desk at the Holiday Inn had arranged the whole trip. With special bus service that deposits tourists well in time before the gates open in the morning and bringing us back after the late evening dazzling star show parade at the Disneyland.

Vegetarian Food In Vibrant Tsim. Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

The following day in the late afternoon was my flight to Hanoi from Hong Kong airport. In the morning, I had my breakfast at the Indian 'Sarvana Bhavan' restaurant inside the Chungking Mansion. Must say it was disappointing. In fact, it is put up in one shop with some table and chairs were thrown in. There were many eateries on the same floor, which to me felt like Indians peddling some low-quality food. It was mainly non-vegetarian food that was being served on their menu, so I cannot comment further.

There were so many electronic accessories being sold everywhere, that I got myself a pair of headphones, which came along with three sets of ear cover buds of various sizes.

I took the airport train that connects Tsim Sha Tsui directly to the  Hong Kong Airport Terminal. It's an interesting ride and pleasant views along the way. I do have some images and also short videos of the same. Will share soon.

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