jeans is always trendy

All you need is love.

John Lennon
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Jeans is Always Trendy

Jeans is always trendy, certainly the best wear to pair with tees, tops and more. I have always paired it with tunics, Kurtis, kurtas and shirts on workdays.

jeans is always trendy

jeans is always trendy

It’s been a long companion and comfort wear on days when looking casual was as important over doing business work. These types of denim have been my favourite and those shades of blues always lifted me and my spirit from feeling blue.


All My jeans tell a Story. I believe in this quote by someone “When in doubt wear Denim” and ‘Denim is a love that never ever fades’ and my pair only gets better with age. Am sure that my readers/subscribers will agree that in the right pair of jeans anyone can conquer the world. 

The most important thing a woman wears is her confidence.  Jeans is always trendy are also a Good Idea.

The brands of jeans that I have used and stood me good are

1. straight blue

2. faded blue 

3. dark jeans

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