bulbul in nadiad
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Boulevard 9, Best Resort in Nadiad, Gujarat

’Bulbul’ and me on a holiday.

Some holidays are beautiful in a special way, reminding me that it is not always about moving and exploring new places.
Sometimes the best moments can be found in a good resort too.
I reached the town of Nadiad. Why Nadiad you may wonder, but not for me as a traveller who wishes to explore new places, new experiences. In my previous visit to Gujarat, I spent some three weeks and managed to cover most of the well-known cities/towns. In this October 2019 trip to Gujarat, I still had to revisit Surat and Vadodara though. Vadodara was the nearest airport to Nadiad and Surat because I was headed to Hatgad a small village across the border.
After checking into the city's swankiest hotel/resort I realised on day 1 that I will not explore the culturally rich and famous places around. But I did uncover an activity within the large property in Boulevard 9, Nadiad.

This hotel cum resort is the swankiest in this part of Gujarat. Having complete facilities and amenities to pamper the in house guests.

Going for a morning walk is given in any time zone for me. On one such day, this spot caught my attention. Here I was, curiosity got the better of me and I asked the hotel staff what was the buzz and they showed me the Bulbul's nest hidden in the plant. Spotting The Bulbul chicks in their nest and the mother a red velvet Bulbul, feeding them.. An emotion indescribable and also delighted I could capture and add bird photographs to my photo albums. 

bulbul in nadiad

boulevard 9 nadiad

boulevard 9 nadiad garden

The flora and fauna around were a pretty sight too. I love the fact that I could witness the flowers bloom and could manage to click few pictures.

flora at boulevard 9 nadiad

boulevard 9 nadiad

boulevard 9 nadiad

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