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Go To Attari to feel ‘The Josh’ Of True Patriots

Go To Attari to watch Retreat Ceremony at India Pakistan Border


What to do in sixteen hours in Amritsar

We arrived in Amritsar at around 7 am by taking the overnight train from Old Delhi Railway Station. From Amritsar Railway Station to the Harmandir Sahib is a short ride away. At the Harmandir Sahib we waited our turn for room allotment. For a small amount, (this amount goes into the maintenance and donation fund) that we pay we are entitled to a double bed room with attached toilet. The bath is huge because I remember the pail which looked more like a tall wide tub. The floor and wall tiles were of natural stone slabs keeping it easy. The windows were wide overlooking the beautiful golden temple.

5 Things To Do In Amritsar In A Day

  1. Harmandir Sahib – The Golden Temple
  2. Langar – Have a meal at Shri Harmandir Sahib
  3. Jallianwala Bagh – Visit the Memorial
  4. Attari Border – Retreat Ceremony
  5. Amritsar Kulchas accompanied with Punjabi Lassi.

Golden Temple

We were so excited to get inside to the Darbar that we hurriedly freshened up and got ready to visit.

Wahe Guru everything was going as planned. 

We left our footwear at the designated place and bought our own head cloth (it is mandatory to cover the head before entering the golden temple complex) The mustard color silk cloth is so smooth and beautiful which had the insignia of the Harmandir Sahib on it. For others there are at least two huge steel baskets holding spare head wear that which can be worn and returned on the way out.

There is a long length of windows with a granite platform for you to hand over footwear and volunteers will give you a token for you to collect them

Note: lockers are available here. You can also deposit your belongings should you wish to keep your luggage away during the visit to the temple.

Once you are hands free, you traverse a short length of recessed landing which has water sprays to wet your feet. One can also wash their hands in the wash stands provided. This transition, prepares you for the clean and neat experience ahead. The cool marble floor is spotlessly clean and walking barefoot is the best ever. The long passageway to the Darbar is enchanting, with the holy water tank in the middle. 

Photography is allowed outside the Darbar only. After our offering and prostration inside where the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book is kept for the continuous prayers we also climbed the stairs where we get to see the panoramic view of the area.

We returned to the place where ‘prasad’ was offered,  drank some water that was offered to all the pilgrims.


The most interesting and adorable part is the way things are executed in this holy place. Every individual tries to volunteer and offer services. Thus paving the way for community service. We next headed to the Langar. That which is internationally famous for serving the largest number of free meals daily during opening hours.

The Sumptuous meal has to be partaken to understand the wholesome taste, flavour and the heartiness with which food is served here. We went around the place to see the food preparation activity, cleaning and washing utensils/vessels/plates at that scale. After that returned to our room and took a short nap. Before that we walked around and found out the timings for the Retreat Ceremony and how to reach there and the duration of the journey to Attari border.

While at that I quickly made a purchase of a pair of bright coloured pretty Jhuttis, and  packets of some typical Punjabi Masalas.

Jallianwala Bagh

I was very keen of visiting of the Jallianwala Bagh only to be deeply disturbed recalling the tragic incident that took place during our country’s freedom struggle. To think how many people have given up their lives, especially so with the locals here that have suffered a lot during the aftermath of Partition in 1947.

We then headed to the point where we supposed to assemble. The seven seater autorickshaw is the vehicle that would take us to the Attari – Wagah Border and bring us back. They charge per passenger and the two of us took our spots in the rear facing opposite to the direction of the moving vehicle. Small Adventures like these make the journey little more exciting (we don’t get this kind of chances everyday) and joyful. To be Honest, I would recommend this should you be taking this means of transport. The view is uninterrupted large and expansive. There is bound to be a bit of a jolt while maneuvering  a rough patch, but most part of the route was smooth sailing over the old and famous Grand Truck Road.



The distance from Amritsar to Attari is about 30 kms which takes about an hour in our vehicle.  Enroute the driver makes a halt, for what we called the ‘Lassi’ break. That tall glass of delicious fare just rejuvenates and energises you for the hot August evening. This is a planned short itinerary, for we reach in time to locate our places from where we can strategically get a complete view. Actually the gallery is well designed that every spectator gets an equal measure of the ceremony and probably the view of the retreat ceremony too. They only open the gates to the public at 16:30hrs and the entertainment begins at around 5:15 PM while the retreat happens at 6 PM.

Note: All timings mentioned are IST.

viewing gallery attari wagah border ceremony

At the time of our visit, there was no food/drink kiosk or cafe in the vicinity. It is therefore advised to carry own water bottle and snacks. Although there are restrictions. Please check Images

Here I was Watching a show of brilliance by the Border Security Force soldiers at the Attari border on the Grand Trunk Road connecting Amritsar with Lahore. The patriotic emotions just swelling at an all time high with people from the gallery showing support in the revelry prior to the flag lowering ceremony that takes place daily at about 6 PM.

Have always admired soldiers and given the opportunity here shared brief moments swipe left↩️
The ride from Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar to Attari border was fun covering the distance of 36 kms with a short break in between to have refreshments and what else would we order other than tall glasses of lassi. ??

Border Security Force, Punjab, India
The opportunity for the common man to share space with the Indian Army is a matter of honour. A momentary way to give respect and acknowledge their nobility and sacrifice to keep us allways safe.
There’s a board saying “only the best of friends and the worst of enemies visit us”

Attari Border, Punjab, INDIA
Indian Army is definitely ‘Ajeet Hain Abheet Hain’ – indomitable and fearless.

Grand Truck road, Amritsar-Lahore Road
Salute them and wish them the best of luck on behalf of all my Indian followers here and the people of India ???? Jai Hind

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