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Kalank – first class film

Kalank First Class film song that is also the introduction when lead actor Varun Dhawan croons these lines:

मेरी मुस्कान लिए कभी आती है सुबह
कभी शामें उदास है
बाकी सब First Class है (3)
हाँ कसम से
बाकी सब First Class है

The audience begins to understand Varun the hero is expressing something profound. He is suffering in underlying pain and his soul is seeking. Pining for comfort and elusive love forms the crux of the film story and thereby setting the narrative of this film Kalank

kalank - first class film

By the time I watched it, the reviews were negative and most of the reviewers gave it thumbs down without giving reasons. But methinks Dharma Productions films as always, have a strong team of technicians. Ticking off many boxes like always. Here are the areas I found they met my expectations.
kalank set design
Set designers ✅
Music ✅
Costumes ✅
Cinematography ✅
Acting ✅
Except Aditya Roy Kapur
(Sunjay Dutt was looking unhappy not having to do a la Zafar role ?)
Cast ✅
Dialogue ✅
Nobody should be surprised should they recover the cost of making this film. Definitely did not seem like a dud to me.
ghar more pardesiya review kalank
Am giving  it 3/5
-for the choreography/set/costume/playback for 'Ghar more Pardesiya' by Shreya and Vaishali. 
– for dialogue
– for Alia and Varun. (Another .5 for Zafar)
I heard Suchitra Tyagi's rant (film companion). Was it to draw attention? Her knowledge of movies, am afraid seemed pathetic here. A huge blunder by actually saying there was only one voice in that song 'Ghar more^ Pardesiya'.
(And the worse part is, there are those who think she is giving a frank and open review. By aping and giving it 1/10? oh, really!
kalank film song ghar more pardesiya



Those who followed the story actually would understand why Madhuri says 'Thoda Namak Kam hai' and as it transpires, she recognises that 'change in tone ' as the story and circumstances unfold in the film which is an important aspect to the role being played by Alia. The sensitivity and sensibility of the Begum in spite and despite her own tragedy.

Saroj Khan Dancer Maestros  Comeback

With 'Ghar more Pardesiya' Saroj khan the choreographer had a comeback for sure. It is eye candy, mesmerizing to watch.  Certainly, the big screen beckons for this one song.
kalank film playback singers shreya and vaishali

Alia first-class film once again

Also, why do people not get over Alia bhat performances in Raazi or Highway or Hello Zindagi?
In this too, she did act her part very well. So did Varun Dhawan. He is of course having fans and like Salman khan in 'O Jaane Jaana did his 'Loha' err…abs showing. His role demanded it like as typical Hindi movies go.

kalank first class film

Kalank – first-class film Conclusion

In Conclusion, that only a Yash Chopra and sometimes Imitiaz Ali can get the romantic scenes right, which is given (therefore, films with other directors don't work in the above genre)
Why the Big Starcast? This KJo is friends with the whole world. Giving a new career lease to Sonakshi, Sanjay and of course Aditya Roy Kapur.
Appears to me, he actually took a risk in helping others with their respective careers. You can see him do that in so many of his films. Of course, but he is a sharp dream merchant and that's a topic for another day.

Kalank – film rating

Genre: Drama
Casting: 3/5
Performances: 3/5
Watched it @pvrcinemas

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