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Statue of Unity

Loh Purush Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ko Naman

In a strange coincidence, I reached kevadia town to visit the worlds largest statue which is in its vicinity from Nadiad. While at Nadiad I did not know that it was the birthplace of this prominent leader of the Indian independence movement and most importantly responsible for the integration of hundreds of (565) princely states into the modern republic of India

A dream come true and a tribute made possible by Shri @narendramodi @pmo__india_ ?

First View from the Entrance Gate 

After alighting the bus that ferrys visitors from the Booking office to the site where the statue stands, you see this plaque made in stone which has script in english Hindi and Gujarati telling us we have arrived at the place that has put India  on the global map for making the world’s tallest statue.

bridge at the statue of unity 

This Bridge connects the viewing gallery exhibition centre SOU and the mainland[/caption]

A small hillock jutting out was chosen as the site for the statue. The short distance is covered by this bridge connecting the mainland area. Its designed in such a way that every type of guest is at ease reaching the exhibition centre, viewing gallery and the statue; referred as the Statue of unity. #SOU

There is a wide walkway for a visitor to slowly soak in the scale of the statue while covering the distance from the security point to the gallery. Even better, there are travelators placed on either side of the walkway which comfortably take you to the exhibition centre. Of course, care and arrangements are made for wheelchair users from the entrance gate.


It all seems like the universe conspired for this scale of project to happen and I must agree absolutely deserving. I must confess before reaching kevadia I was left with lots of doubts about the project, like many others I too was not sure of the money allotted and conceived  for a  project of this kind.

But the moment I arrived at this point, I completely forgot the lingering thoughts. Slowly  and sharply the whole space brought about a change in my view of this project. It is said low knowledge is dangerous knowledge. 

Getting to know the people who fought for our country , more so one single man is responsible for the making of our country which we now call it India was due to this inspiring leader for his yeoman service to this nation.

It is frightening to even think what would it be if not for him. That is the kind of contribution he made for the unity of one country one India.

We are Victorious because of  him, the one and only Vallabh – Shri Vallabhbhai Patel. This leader from a small town called Nadiad rose to become the first Deputy Prime Minister of Independent India. Soon after he took it upon him to bring all the independent princely states under one nation, one constitution. It was not an easy task, but with him at the helm , he made it possible

V for Vallabhbhai Patel popularly referred as the Iron man of India – Loh Purush!


View from the top gallery which is located at the chest level of the statue.


People from far and wide visiting the place paying keen interest in knowing about the Statue of Unity and Loh Purush .

One can choose a guide or go through the exhibition centre where pictorially chronicles are displayed of the life of the leader.

The 4747 sqm exhibition hall and convention centre built below the feet of the statue is beautifully positioned in terms of circulation, hosting viewing gallery, AV centre showS the trajectory from a small town Gujarati boy to a successful London educated lawyer.
Museums are a brilliant way to actually bring alive history and make it real and contextual. I experienced every part with a deep personal interest. The project was nearly a year old when I happen to visit.

Museum, Exhibition Centre, Lifts, Toilets, Drinking Water all well placed.

Must say space utilisation below the statue is commendable. Every amenity that a visitor would require has been anticipated and designed accordingly. The foresight of designing the place for a  growing number of tourists is the first of its kind in India. Trained staff and use of technology impresses anyone who enters these premises. Matching quality with top class International Museums.

View from the ‘Valley of Flowers’ garden beside the Narmada River.

The interesting part of this bus tour is that they not only take you to the SOU, but also take you to the Narmada dam, valley of flowers too.

The Viewing Gallery from the Sardar Sarovar Dam gives you an idea of the brilliant engineering in building a dam along the Narmada River. In October 2019, the season is before the onset of winter when it doesn’t rain and the gates are not opened. 

The ‘Valley of Flowers’ garden is partly ready, work is going on in full swing. There are interesting varieties of flowers laid along the pathways and walkways amidst lush green lawns and water fountains. What I particularly liked  is the level platform made towards a corner for tourists like me to soak in the statue from another view point. It shows another angle, another scale to ponder about the man from this state and his contribution. Everyone is reminded and shall retain as long as the river flows, to eternity!

The World’s Tallest Statue at 182m

On the banks of River Narmada, Gujarat. India

Opened in October 2018.

Date of Experience : October 2019.


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