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Taiwan- A Island Destination With Enormous Energy

Taiwan, A Island Destination that held my fascination ever since I can remember. I must have been around ten years of age when my sister received a gift from her friend which had ‘Made in Taiwan’ inscribed on it. To date, that particular shade of nail polish is forever etched in my memory.  It was my favourite shade for very many years. My fair complexion at that time also complimented.

Childhood Dream 

I also remember my dad mentioning the progress this country made independently and was a force to reckon with. By then it had gained a reputation for quality on par with Japan. Incidentally, I added Japan and Taiwan to my bucket list of countries. The first list was born early on in my childhood. It took decades to tick off Taiwan. Japan is still on top priority. Hoping to visit soon after the end of the pandemic.

Free Visa for Indian Passport Holder

I was on my way to Australia and was issued an e-visa to visit this continent in Oceania. The validity period was 3 months. Time did not permit me to get visa stampto visit New Zealand, Therefore, my plan was to visit nations that had either ‘visa on arrival’ status and or issuing entry Visa because of the Australia visa.

Visa Strength and Advantages

It may sound weird for new travellers or first-time International travellers, but there is a provision for Indian Passport Holders to visit a few countries with a valid visa from UK/USA. Few countries, even agree on entry with an Australian visa. Since I was heading Eastward, the easiest option was to travel en route. On the return, I wished to make few halts at destinations that interest me. The Philippines was another country apart from Taiwan that was on the list, but then like I mentioned earlier Taiwan was my dream destination for decades. Therefore, I tried exploring the option of a free visa which was at hand.

Air Asia Ticket to Taiwan

When I boarded the flight at the gold coast city that took me KLIA1, I was not too sure if they will allow me to board after the layover. The airline staff was engaging with their staff at the Taipei end to ensure if it was a valid entry for the e-visa that I showed them. It was time to board and the rest of the passengers of this Air Asia short flight got into the aerobridge connecting the plane. Since being in the hold-up area, I can do little but communicate with the minimum staff around the boarding desk. 

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East Asians that I came across are so cool and calm, regardless of their age. Here I was waiting with bated breath, feeling positive yet restless since I could see the last of the passengers moving into the aircraft. They waved out to me to board and was relieved that I could actually get on board and fly into my next destination – Taiwan.


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