kapaleeshwarar temple, mylapore, chennai
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Chennai is an Emotion!

Chennai is an emotion. The feeling of enthusiasm is tied since the beginning of my life. I guess the sentiment is but natural every time one revisits their birthplace. Last year in September 2019, because of an unplanned detour trip I landed in Chennai. Like always with madras trips, the two days went like a whirlwind tour. More on that in a later blog.
It was another morning flight that brought me to Chennai last week. I arrived at Kamaraj Terminal few minutes earlier than scheduled and my exit was earlier than anticipated. 


madras The Smile that expands the moment I land in Chennai[/caption]

NATRAJ - lord shiva in the dancing form

The sculpture of ‘Nataraja’ (lord of dance) another name for lord Shiva is depicted in this statue performing Tandava to enjoy whole universe.Wearing a tiger skin, garlanded with snake & rudraksha mala and holding drum (damaru) in his hand. Scene inside the arrival hall at Chennai domestic airport. Thus terminal is known as Kamaraj domestic terminal named after the former popular leader.
The 12-and-a-half-foot-high Nataraja is visible from everywhere in the arrival hall. It’s made of fibre, and has been made to look as if it has been made out of wood, and coloured in the way wooden sculptures are coloured traditionally.

temple in mylapore chennai

The magnificent seventh century style of Dravidian Architecture .
The stately entrance gateway of the kapaleeshwarar temple at Mylapore in Chennai.
The temple has main idol of lord Shiva and goddess Parvati in the form of kapaleeshwarar and karpagambal . There are several other idols also among lord Ganesha and lord Murugan shrines inside the temple complex .
Of special interest is the 63 nayanmars installation along the periphery of the garbha Griha. It’s a fascinating sight . Totally struck by the beauty of the size and number.
A must visit place and one should add to the list of things to do in Chennai.
A blog will be posted soon on What can be done in one day in Chennai. From old to the new there is so much that can be covered and enjoy in a day in my beloved birth city #madras .

kapaleeshwarar temple, mylapore, chennai

The tall Gopuram on the east side street almost seems like it’s reaching the sky.The midday sun beating the rays on the colourful artwork on the many layers and tiers of the Gopuram look very beautiful and attractive.It’s hard to look up and take a shot of this view. You are literally blinded by the sharp hot midday sun.
But can’t help admire the scale and grandness of the ancient Gopuram touching the sky.
Am always fascinated by the style and art of any structure, especially with the Dravidian architecture so visible in parts of Chennai and rest of @enchantingtamilnadu
If ever you have some time off in Chennai a trip to Mylapore is highly recommended.

Besant Nagar Beach

After a day at the sea, Fishermen at Eliot’s beach near Besant Nagar are sorting out the catch of the day. Folding up the fishing nets and pushing the boats onto the shore.
While a few others are dumping some of the unwanted stuff found in the sea on the sand.The birds have flocked and started descending lower to pick up the dead fish.There is so much activity, but everything so disorganised. It’s not exactly a neat fishing hamlet here. Wonder what is the support the Chennai corporation is giving them or vice versa.
For laymen its destruction of the coastline.Well,  somebody is answerable to the upkeep of the Beach front.

Lounge Bar in Chennai

Urban metro city, chennai

The exciting part while landing close to midday I could clearly see the magnificent city and its well-planned infrastructure in place.

 The city of Chennai is a fitting example of modern India which can now even boast of growing green cover unlike in other cities were it is depleted.
In no other metro city can we see roads, flyovers, metro rail, local trains, city bus network working so efficiently and effectively; continuing for decades. The beautiful and significant development didn’t disturb any of the heritage structures, some of them are many centuries old. Truly inspiring and an example for all others to follow. It’s not surprising that every automobile industry has parked their plants and how.

chennai coast view from the sky

The flight took a spin over the bay of Bengal crossing the shore at Perambur, flying over Mylapore, Nandanam, Adyar River, Alandur, St Thomas Mount and gently touching the @chennai_airspace base landing smoothly at @chennaiairport little before midday #nandri

chennai lake

Adyar River from our SG flight . COK to MAA

flyover clover chennai

The intersection of the Grand Southern Trunk RoadInner Ring RoadAnna Salai and Mount-Poonamallee Road. Kathipara flyover is the largest cloverleaf flyover in Asia

As seen from the sky through the glass window of an SG flight

panchaloha natraja in tamil nadu
Natraj – lord shiva in dancing form. The diety of reverence in whole of Tamil Nadu
chennai international airport
Chennai International Airport MAA Meenabakkam

I am always fascinated by exposed building materials be it brick stone or concrete . There is an undeniable charm to exposed concrete structures. Chennai International airport terminal is built with more of concrete and glass taking into considerations the geographical weather conditions of the city. It just seems like a good option from the maintenance point of view too. As I was approaching the parking bay I turned to see the changing elements of natural sunlight and the light fixtures on the concrete surface creating a remarkable visual impact. The designers of this tall and long span canopy of the airport building have used concrete innovatively and it is absolutely to a stunning effect. Am certain the design consultants would have got inspiration from the rich old heritage of the region keeping in mind the benefit of using natural unadorned form. Looking at the fused columns and beams it also showcases the versatility of the material in the way that it has been used. I paused in my tracks to look at the interplay of light and shadow lending the everyday material of concreate a distinguished look. I am partial to spaces which contain a sober and yet puristic look .This building though linear in design counts as one of my favourite airport building quite similar to my first love the suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok which I had seen almost a decade ago much before this one at Meenambakkam.

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