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Home Travel Karmas is a Travel Blog by A Semi Nomad Architect, Vegetarian Food Explorer, Hindu Pilgrim and Aspiring Organic Farmer. It Offers you How to Travel More For Less! Find here Things to do at a Travel Destination.

Travel more for less, Dekho Apna Desh!

It’s my mission now to help Indian travellers to Discover India. The land which has the Mighty Himalayas in the north, surrounded by the three seas on the east, west and south.

travel karmas trip to Orchha in winter
T trails of Bundelkhand

My country India is home to ancient temples along the holy rivers. I had the opportunity to capture images through my lens. (Where photography is not prohibited). Indeed, true to my tag line- ‘Every Picture Has A Story’. I share my humble journey here with my modest contribution as an aspiring Indian blogger.

Since 2009, I have travelled across 23 states and 5 Union Territories in India. So far my travel karmas took me to 23 Countries across Asia, Europe and Australia. Thailand is the only nation I visited three times. Having made transit stops in KLIA thrice to date.

Travel: I want to help people have an authentic travel experience.

travel karmas in london
Been to London to visit the Queen

Will update travel details of all the 270+ towns/cities I visited/explored in India. There will be destination guides, tips and tricks from years of experience, suggestions to see more for less, how to prepare a checklist, how to pack, find best deals for accommodation and transport, maximise time to explore and experience more, try local cuisine- food karma, party and stay healthy wherever you are in India and beyond.

Food karma:

As a vegetarian foodie, I have made time and stopped to have local cuisines at various places, especially in India. Interestingly, I made it a point to try and have at least one meal a day in an Indian restaurant while abroad. Meeting Indians outside your home and the warmth in their greeting, exchanging notes and stories of having made a life in a foreign land is itself a chapter on some occasions. I hope to bring to you a few glimpses of my journeys. Let this website do the talking and may you have better ‘travelkarmas ‘ than me in travel and food.